A Complete Billing System – Types of invoice and Bill as per your business Needs

Indian Billing Managment and invoice system
Billing System for Small and large Business

A complete retail billing system with cash clients, multiple credit card payments, multi store billing, Return Management, Exchange managements, promotion code managements, on hold, layby invoicing, quick and easy access of item master, easy management and search of customer by phone no, email, name, last purchase etc. Tax Managements and re-print of Invoice. Complete security and multi users and staff login. Barcode QR code item scanning

A tax Invoice and retail invoice system with credit, delivery note, tax information, advance order, advance payment receipt, Quotation to Order Conversion, easy management of credit limit by days and amounts, sales and order capture by sales man and branches, product search by inventory, made to order, advance order for all types of items, delivery from warehouse, store, multiple warehouse selection and pickup options.


Wholesale Billing system:

This system is designed for distributor and manufacturer with primary sales to channel and business partner. The wholesale billing system bundled with sales capture by product, sales man, advance order and delivery scheduling, route management for more delivery on same route, order processing, collection management and credit managements. A document system for the account verification before the start of billing, credit approval, order processing from authorized salesman and only from authorized email id only, integration option with any CRM system and tally for accounting purpose.

The wholesale billing system work as complete system for distribution company with Credit control, Purchase order processing, CRM for clients and partner managements with integrated documents managements, compliance managements and shipment module with multiple warehouse integration and delivery schedule from one to many warehouse for single order.

The solution is perfect for White goods distributors, Mobile Phone Distributors, SIM card distributors, FMCG Distributors, Spare parts distributors, Book Publishers and Distributors and other business. To know how you can get benefited from the wholesale billing system and installing the same for your business you can contact our wholesale billing expert and we will help you to migrate your complete billing system ( if any) to our advance cloud based wholesale billing system. The Alert management and mobile apps of the system help you to capture and enter order from mobile and also get alert to sales team and management team when your order is ready to ship, payment is overdue, payment is received, a Customer apps can also be integrated with the system to direct order entry by the customer and same can be processed after the final approval and verification of credit and finance to warehouse for delivery guideline.

The client login help your customer to pay and update the payment status see the delivery status and print complete account statements for the selected period and save your time and efforts on basic compliance of the account, a deposit system is also built in to take security deposit and information of security deposit available on click as per authorization of the account. A multi role base system help the company to add as many employee and customer they want without adding any additional licensing cost with system.

The wholesale billing system is designed for Indian market and get regular updates on tax structure, form printing, updates on tax compliance, multiyear accounting, export to excel for tally imports. A management and analysis tool for the sales graph, purchase and other information that help the management to take decision based on data.

Prices and Delivery: the system is cloud based and not required any additional application installation on client desktop; it can be used with internet connection on all desktop, laptop and tablet system. The customizable invoice and document system is pre-configured before the delivery of solution to customer to match the requirements. For one office setup with up to 5000 items we deliver the solution in 30 working days after confirm order.

Prices: the System is Cloud based and there is 2 components of prices are there.

One time Licensing: Rs. 75,000

Monthly Cloud Server cost ( up to 10 users ) : Rs. 3000 Monthly

Mobile Apps : the Mobile Apps available on Monthly rental basis starting Rs. 5,000 onwards

Key benefits of The Solutions

  • Free Upgrade
  • No AMC Required
  • No Infrastructure Management
  • 100 % data backup on our redundant server
  • 100% secure system with authorization and access system
  • Complete Custom Document Printing System


Service Billing

Services billing and a recurring billing system is used by some company for subscription managements, auto renewals, one-off service invoicing and other kinds of add-on service billing. The service billing system is designed for tracking and managing service invoice with different types of services and product components, this system is designed for the purpose to manage your service business from quotation, to order processing and delivery of services and collection of payments along with document printing and tracking of order and make service billing on automated delivery of services or manual updates of services for the customer. The service billing is used by company like maintenance service providers with different component of services and products in the single bill, magazine subscription and broadband service providers, mobile and utility service providers, Hosting and Internet service providers, creative and advertisement service providers. The service billing system is available as independent solution for billing only and also available as service business management tools. With service business automation tools you will get service billing module, Client Management Module, Expanse Management Module, Supplier management module, collection and reminder system, finance managements.

Custom Solution designed for below services

  • SPA and Saloon
  • Magazine Subscription
  • AMC and Maintenance
  • Dental consultancy
  • Creative Consultancy
  • Software consultancy
  • Placement consultancy
  • Mobile services
  • Advertisement services
  • Catering services


Key Benefit of the solution

  • System is able to handle your complete business
  • No need of any additional software
  • Easy to use and fully protected
  • Work from anywhere anytime
  • Share and send email bill to customer
  • Custom document printing and retrieval
  • Payment collection reminders
  • Payment receipt print and email
  • Client account managements
  • Statement of account for clients
  • Account assignment to employee
  • Approval based and contractual billing
  • Auto data backup for full data protection
  • Service tax and TDS managements
  • Multi-currency invoice and collection
  • Export to excel for tally imports
  • Mobile Apps (optional)


Price and Delivery

The solution prices are having 2 components as below.

One time licensing: Rs. 75,000 onwards

Monthly cost (up to 10 Users) : 3000 onwards

Deployment and Delivery

40 days deployment and delivery

Commission Billing

The commission billing system is primarily design for buying house and commission agents. The billing system is available as separate tool or also available with our buying house ERP Solution. The commission invoice can be created on either way. It can be on sales value, on purchase value, reverse counting or any other mode as per the requirements of customers.

Commission billing is available on the buying house erp solution as bundled option, with several modules that help you to manage your complete buying house business, some of the key module of the buying house ERP are as below.



Supplier’s agreements


Sampling system


Shipping and logistic managements

Employee and role managements

Suppliers PO managements

Documents management and retrieval

Custom document printing

Multi-currency invoice and PO generations


Deployment and delivery

The deployment and delivery of solution is on cloud and it can be on private cloud or public cloud, the system is having option for complete auto backup and provides option like multiyear billing and business managements, analytical reporting for management decision and tools to generate excel file and data for import to tally for compliance purpose.

Consignment billing system

Now a day we have new types of invoice and billing system specially design for the customer with consignment account. The consignment billing work will come with inventory system, direct delivery, and pickup options. The consignment billing also having payment collection and monthly statement of account with consignment accounts.

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