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alexa-competitor-keyword-matrixWhile every SEO start with an idea of keyword discovery and they will first ask you what your target keyword is and how many keyword you want to start with.

“Well in industry like real estate portal, E-commerce, Car Portals, news Portals the word how many not make relevancy. “


More likely you need hundred and thousands of keyword to be on the consumer mind and within the reach of search engine tool so the this is really good to know what is best way to keep discover new keyword or update your keywords that sync with current trend of search.

While change is inevitable in the world, while keyword is more dynamic and it always keeps changing. The change in keyword and its ranking is due to several reasons. Some important aspect like change in nature of search, algorithm change by search engine and the trending words within the industry.

You need mix of strategy to bring maximum keyword in your system that gives you higher SEO discovery.

Let see what one of the alexa blog saying about the two technique of keyword discovery that gives your search a new lease of life.

  1. Competitor Keyword Analysis

Most of us are pretty aware of who our customers are. But the likelihood of you and your competitors reaching exactly the same customers is pretty low. So, that means that digging into their audiences and how they’re communicating with them will probably reveal some great new opportunities.

All that to say, doing a competitive analysis + researching your competitors’ keywords is a great way to uncover:

  1. How they’re reaching audiences similar to yours
  2. What type of content they’re using, and
  3. What type of messaging they’re focused on

As a result, tapping your competitors for keyword discovery helps you:

  1. Expand your target audience(s)
  2. Refine your messaging with more specific phrases (i.e. long-tail keywords)
  3. Discover new messaging (i.e. keywords) you hadn’t thought of

You can do a competitor keyword analysis with Alexa for fast keyword discovery.


Long vs Short Keywords, Choose yours wisely
Long vs Short tail Keywords, Choose yours wisely


2 Avoid Fat Keyword

Well in the SEO industry this is always a point of fight for everyone that what keyword is perfect. In some point of time you can find that a fat keyword or a fully targeted single word keyword makes sense. However these keyword or any other keyword is not a matter at all, if your content is design in a way where the long tail keyword can able to fetch traffic let focus on that.

We at Techzone Search Engine Advice never recommend anyone to create a content that is meant for Search engine. Since it will gives your very short terms traffic and there after the interest of the users will finish and so you’re ranking will not maintain on the top of iceberg. The way batter way to be on the top of consumer search engine or top 10 SERP be in consumer mind.

While making a consumer based  content that help consumer to understand, discover the products, services and anything like that will make more sense, since it will generate another kind of recommended traffic.

So be wise while making content for your business. The way it written for seo or consumer made difference for sure.

While you are making content that is design for the users, it means there is lot of keyword or long train keyword within the writing itself. You need to just discover those and understand it in batter manner where less completion or more traffic is untapped by other due to any reason.

Alexa provides lot of new tools for the Search engine optimization and some of them that include the keyword discovery and competition keyword is primary tool.

However there is lot of other vendors also available with such keyword, you need to make your own research and then decision on what tool you will use for the discovery of those keyword based insight that help you to get more traffic on the page.

Techzone Search engine advice on SEO for portal and real estate portal SEO is one of the few ways to get more lead and traffic on your site.
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