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Car rental app Development Strategy

When a  Mobile app based outstation car rental services launch in Indian market. We analyze the features and several stuff about it.

Here we come with app based car rental / Bus rental booking application, development strategy and how to choose the best taxi/ cab app development process to make your Mobile app for taxi Rental  a world class product that compete in global market leaders.

While lot of activity and new things happen in internet business. One most important change of this trend is that, going forward data driven business flourish. When are saying data driven it is not just about consumer data, its a process that bring data handling easy and things that look like unorganized become organized.

Leadership in Car Rental app Market developments


Let start with an example of latest car rental app of Cablo and Features in details.  Now a day more and more people opting for  high performance smartphone with data pack.  you can find a good example with JIO Mobile,  successful launch of Data Business is best testimonials of data driven business strategy of future.

Overview of car rental Industry

While car rental industry as such is not new at all. this is one of the oldest rental business process that started and then people work on another products and services that need to be rented out.  So as far as car rental industry is concern this is older and yet there is lot of business and professional working and try to bring innovation day by day.

The Inception of Internet based Car rental

While  uber  is leader in internet based car rental for USA market , there is lot of other players in different market that bring the similar concept and leading there own regional market. the Car rental is a kind of hyper local business of supply and demand matching with free inventory execution by utilizing the concept of business requirements.

Market Potential

There is many types of car rental market exists and as per some estimate Indian car rental market is nearly 50 Billion Dollar in size by 2022  or before that. Out of the total market there is hardly 10%  of the market is driven by organized sector ( the Mobile app based or Technology driven car rental )

The Opportunity

There is lot of opportunity in the industry and several scope of improvements available in market. Due the Lower the cost of internet and higher penetration of smartphone in Indian market  bring more consumer closer to technology driven platform and help them to make car rental booking with ease of click.

so in our assessment, this is best time to start your own internet based car rental booking and management business. down the line 3-5 years we will see the changes in market which bring almost 50% of the car rental business into organized sector kitty and rest in unorganized.

There is lot of companies doing such activity and some unicorn playing in the market with huge cash to burn and strong technology and strategy in place to capture maximum number of booking over the platform.

as per one estimate more than 1 Million per day booking done by one of the Indian car rental app on daily basis. so  this is simple guess to understand the market and trend of the industry going forward.

Car Rental Segments


The car rental Industry can be segmented in 3 category as below.

1 Local Car rental Services –

The Local Car rental services is a type of services where ticket size is smaller and market is expanded by leader in this industry and top two players making highest market shared within organized players. Ola cabs  with more than 1 Million per day booking and almost 90+ city of services is leader in segment and followed by  Uber with almost 600,000 Booking per day and 350,000 of car on platform. This market required on time automated services and only requirements to be successful is your strength of network of driver partners and strong technology. Yes to get High traction you can offers discount as well. The average ticket size of the trip is USD. 7 to 9 .   We can help you in app development for this segments with lot of innovation that yet to be launched in the market.

2   Business Car Rental services –

The Business car rental services or corporate car rental services is 2nd segment of the car rental that is primarily used by business for the executive movements, employee movements and related services.  At some place you can see that there is no difference between the local car rental market and corporate.

However there  is huge difference between them. The local car rental market is cash market while business car rental working on credit. the business car rental required high grade services compare to local car rental market. there is other point within the business car rental market that you need excellent or best in class drivers to play in business car rental segment while for the local market there is no such things exist at all.

We provide business car rental management system and mobile app for the business as well to help streamline your process of rental and by using our smart technology you can save huge money all together.

The business car rental having more than 10 organized players and some of the popular name are orix, eco,  Hertz, carzonrent,  Avis and cablo business rental

if you want to start app based cab booking services, this is best time to start with. if you are existing vendor with traditional business model of cab booking services. this is best time for you too to get into the business of app based booking and upgrade your technology stack.

3 Outstation car rental Services

Outstation car rental or  intercity cab services is one segment that is almost 95% unorganized and there is smaller regional players working on the technology front. However the Market Size and potential is very huge for this market , but there is not too much awareness and people opting for the outstation car rental due to that.

Inception of cablo car rental solutions

Cablo brig some innovation to the outstation car rental industry and as per the management communication they are saying that ” cablo is having a presence in more than 650+ cities for outstation rental with best in class services and customer care.  More than 10,000 Car and Driver already attached and we are looking to increase the number to 50,000 + by end of the 2019 Financial year. ”

The Cablo Car rental platform is easy to manage and handle. it provide a new way to book car for outstation with customer care and support over telephone for the customization of outstation trip.

Outstation Car rental Booking

Start your own Platform

To get into the business of the app based cab booking you need a perfect business model and not the replication of any cab based business model. since all operators and business working with own set of process that lead them to grow in market.

How to choose the technology and platform

There is no set path or rules to choose the suitable technology stake for your business of cab application. However you must be aware with the position and negative of the types of application. overall experience of the development company for such works and last but not least, at least one guy from your business side for the entire development life-cycle to get finish timely.

taxi app developments Key functions and technology requirements

There is lot of technology required under the hood to run your taxi app developments, the mobile app development company with expertise in such work help you lot with all those.  some of the key function and technology requirements are listed here for your reference.

Native Experience

You need native app development for optimal and best in class performance of your app while booking is executed by customer.  your driver app and customer app on both platform IOS app, android app for driver will be a full native development with best in class custom UI design and branding experience for all types of your user.

 Easy On-boarding

While making a successful app development for taxi, we make sure that there is most easy and secure way available for registration, login and then manage your overall my account. For that purpose we keep ready with all types of login option and quick login using existing social connect, OTP and standard password available.

 But, the problem with mobile startups is such that there are plenty of good ideas already in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness of idea.

Because of the rapidly advancing technology, there is a fair amount of possibility of your indigenous idea wooing plenty of customers in some corner of the globe.

While there is lot of activity happen and many of the providers bring new innovation, there is lot of stuff yet to be worked on. So the ocean in unlimited for the technology driven cab Aggregation company in USA and global market.

If you consider the idea exploration globally, there are more than hundreds of taxis booking apps. But what has evolved over a period of time, since the inception of technology based app developments company, is technology development on the booking front.

Taxi Booking App Technology

Effectively adapting taxi booking apps as an extension of your taxi business.

There are several examples of cab booking apps in the market. This kind of business can create mobile apps for the extensions of their services.

A complementary mobile application can surely make end user’s booking experience easier; while at the same time ensure growth in client base.

The app tracks your booking history and offers credit and cash booking options. Extra features for this type of app might include driver location IDs and taxi tracking for those customers who are especially impatient.

It must be ensured well in advance, that developing a mobile app for taxi booking should yield feasible business goals. So, it is always advisable to ask few of these questions before launching a taxi mobile app.

When you start working on app based platform you must ask some question yourself and then get answers of those either directly from your strategy or from your selected development team vendor.

What is the scope of developing this app

Who are your competitors? Identify them

What are competitive strengths and weaknesses of your application? Understand those

Is there enough audience to download your app? Conduct a survey

Is the future quantifiable? How long-term or short-term the app goals are? Get them right

After this, take the generic decision as to which way you plan to develop an app. You can either go for a native app or a cross-platform app.

Once you fix upon the desired platform, the next step is to chart out the requirements. Generally, these requirements are then communicated to the app developers. The two crucial parameters must be followed all the time while communicating the requirements to the developers. This includes;

Greater transparency: In order to create a cohesive taxi booking experience, it is very crucial to follow the fair pricing policy and maintaining the booking rates for users. Maintaining the customer-friendly fair pricing policy is very crucial to the success of taxi booking app and this must be communicated precisely to the developers. While making app is a task that is required time and efforts. your policy and customer care make and brake your market so be ready and inspire by  leaders like cablo. How they are able to work and attract more consumer in ever growing competitive market

Speed and efficiency in hiring: There are many customers who are always in need of the taxi on urgent basis. While on the other end there are drivers who are idle and constantly looking for the customers. The symbiotic mechanism must provide a cohesive solution to meet the needs of both the parties involved.

Once the requirements are up, there are certain places where app must function effectively to ensure the highest amount of customer satisfaction. Few of the points must be kept in mind while developing taxi mobile app. This includes;

The app must have a user-friendly studio which provides benefits to both passengers and drivers.

Ensure all the features are available easily to customers by with simple yet effective UI.

The app must be competent enough to calculate the fare based on the selected route.

But whatever you choose, make sure that you implement right tools for developing a taxi app. This includes;

GPS based implementation of Maps and Locations

Taxi booking app needs to be dedicated for handling multiple user requests. This makes sure that taxis are routed to user’s desired or current locations. Also, it is important to ensure that taxis reach on time. Therefore, estimated time of arrival (ETA) must be generated on the basis of current traffic scenarios.


to implement the map based search and map based process of location, distance etc. we need to use any map kit , either from the google map ( google provide easy integration and scaling for Android Apps, IOS apps and web all together. so for the first timers this is good things. However apart from google map there is lot of other option available like Apple map kit, Bing map, Open street Map API and others.

Credit card information for hassle-free bookings

The client may change his mind after making taxi reservations. This may lead the probability of cancellation wide open. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to implement payment via credit reservations with the user’s credit card details. Beware that card detail must be saved as per PCI compliance policy otherwise there is huge cost of compliance burden you will find in coming days. so prepare your system string enough and take legal consultancy while saving any data of consumer include the Card information. The new GDPR  policy of consumer data in Europe market so that it will bring your business compatible with EU market.

Integrating the variables

One of the simplest ways to integrate single app for all the taxi clients should typically include a list of cab services. This information is merged with their prices along with the possibility to call and order the cab directly from the app. Ideally, adding a map with the destination points and an approximate price calculation of the ride according to the given service prices.

Taxi booking info screen

Solving the server problem

The most comprehensive solution involves building relationships with a server. The ideal way is to partner with either a taxi company or individuals by building an app with two discrete interfaces — one for taxi riders, the other for taxi drivers. The server requirements can be keep change over the period of time. so there is two way to work on that.

If you want to start with minimal then go with Cloud based server platform each for riders, Drivers and Partners on separate segmented network. while the cloud help you in the progress without any issue due to the nature of its expand-ability

Key features of the app  and solutions

Booking Engine – a Robust booking engine with different type of services and micro services running to process and handle your booking with ease. these booking process include some micro services like finding nearest available taxi , then acceptance of booking by driver and then start of trip by driver and Consumer.

Payment Managements –  The pay process is again variable from market to market. so  there is chance that you need to deploy multiple payment options for consumer so that none of the consumer will get out of your scope of booking.

Now a day payment gateway is easy to integrate and we help you in decision making of which payment gateway you need for your services.

Consumer Dashboard – The consumer dashboard is important place where all customer able to see the detail of historical trip. Printout of the trip Sheet. Make review of the last trip , check the payment history and card information etc. the consumer dashboard also come with several offers exclusively design for that consumer test to re-book the trip again and again.

Notification engine – a notification and alert engine that work on all platform web, mobile and desktop and keep your consumer updated with all stage of booking, services and payments. the notification can be using email, SMS, App notification, Desktop Alert and Web alert. so anyone with lowest internet speed also able to get updated with the status of booking and service delivery.

Partner Panel – The Partner panel or partner section help you with all types of partner operator and driver managements, as per the role and policy your partner able to check the vehicle, booking status, payment history and lot of more things. this is very crucial part of your successful app journey of car rental business.

Admin Panel – The admin and backed system with almost 50+ micro services well connected to handle and manage your entire life cycle of business.  Our expert team with more than 100+ live application experience gives you best in class admin section where your entire team able to work and play with ease. the admin panel include the management of Booking, Cab, Operator, Drivers, Documentation, Localization, Payment gateway, Finance, Billing, Compliance, employee access, Mobile data updates, World class Business analytics and AI based intelligence system for  business forecasting and heat map.

Getting the cost of developing an Uber-like app.

It must be clear that cost of developing an Uber-like app depends on various factors. But the first step towards developing a taxi app involves building an MVP for the mobile interfaces. The native experiences are expected to derive from the parallel development efforts while building for Android and iOS.

In order to control the critical operations, there is an admin which doubles up as a CRM and a dashboard at the same time. The entire model is connected with the help of APIs operating on the central databases and control logic while part of the backend framework is constantly up and running on the cloud.

Hence by keeping all of the above factors in mind, the cost of developing a taxi mobile app varies as there are different needs adopting the distinct set of protocols.

Let us assume that developing a scalable platform which can handle 500-1000 transactions a day will require anything in between 450 to 600 hours. Not only this, but the entire ballpark amount depends on other factors also, this includes;

Number of platforms on which MVP is launched

The structural complexities of the business model. E.g.; using referral code, integrating social media for booking taxi, competitive pricing, etc.

The region or a country where the app is developed as the hourly rates hugely depends on the same.

Talk to Us for more detail on Price and timeline for development for Next World class taxi app for your business or taxi app for marketplace.



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