Are your PPC landing pages failing to convert, despite getting great traffic?

3 signs your landing page copy is leaving your visitors high and dry
 Columnist Khalid Saleh explains why your landing page copy might be to blame — and how you can fix it.

There are few things more important for conversion rate optimization than your landing page copy. If your landing pages are struggling to turn visitors into leads, there’s a very good chance it’s because of your copy. More often than not, marketers are guilty of making several copywriting mistakes, and they don’t even know it.

In this post, I’ll show you three copywriting mistakes you are probably making on your landing pages — and how to correct them.

1. Your copy focuses on features, not benefits

Features tell your audience what your product is about.

Benefits tell them what your product can do for them.

Although features are important — they educate customers about your product’s specifications — they are purely informational. They don’t really persuade users or tell them how their lives will change by buying your product.

To understand why this works, you need to understand how your customers make purchase decisions. While we’d like to assume that we make rational decisions after careful analysis, the truth is that for most of us, purchase decisions are driven by emotion, not logic. Humans make decisions emotionally, then look for logical reasons to back these decisions up.

For example, a customer might decide to buy an iPhone because its design appeals to him emotionally. But to justify his decision, the customer might look at the iPhone’s features — the battery life, camera quality, processor speed and so on.

This is why, rather than telling your customer what they can have, tell them why they need it and how it can help make their world better.

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