Billing System for Small and large Business


Billing, Invoice, Collection, Order Processing and Inventory management System for retail, trading and service business


Billing and invoice system is one of the most important module for the sales, finance and management team, finance people love the new orders and so the sales team, one-off invoice, recurring invoice, support invoice, international invoice, trade invoice, partner invoice and other different type of invoice is a general practice for some of the company.

Once invoice is generated it come with complication, accurate collection, closing, delivery and logistic connect is nightmare for some type of invoices.

Techzone offers wide range of billing and invoice system customizable to all types of business. No matter which business and billing process you are opted with we can help you to manage your invoice, billing, collection and inventory with our addon module for your ERP or standalone system for billing and order processing.

Our complete billing and order system module is designed and develop to accommodate all types of invoicing, billing reporting , collection and other types of day to day activity that is time consuming and chances of error is higher.

We at Techzone evolve the entire billing system and invoice management system with our one approach to make the process simple. You can talk to our billing and invoice expert to know how we can save more time and easy collection process by introducing the billing and invoice system.

Our complete custom billing and invoice system is designed for several types of business and it can further accommodate the customization as per your business requirements without any extra payments and too much time to develop.

In essence we can deliver you one of the most complex billing system with simplest functional and operation interface along with your custom requirements. Some of the selected billing processes we already integrate in the solution are as below.

Type of Billing Systems

1 Wholesale Billing system : this system is for the distributor and manufacture primarily selling to business partner and associates. The wholesale billing system is come with several other feature rich modules that help you to understand more and more about your partner and associates and give complete control on the order processing for the business.

The sub module of the wholesale billing system are like Customer Accounts, Credit control, Purchase order processing , CRM with integrated documents managements. A compliance managements and shipment module help you to generate invoice. Send the item to customer and also make follow ups and automated follow ups for the collection of payments.

The wholesale billing system also come with user management and user control and client login options. It will help your customer to pay and update the payment status  and see the delivery status take printout of statement and due.

The solution is best suitable and used by Mobile phone and accessories importers, Consumer goods importers and wholesalers, SIM car wholesalers, FMCG distributors, Book Publishers, automotive parts manufacturers, automotive parts traders and other types of customers.

The wholesale billing system can also be integrated with several other module like inventory module and employee management modules. The billing system is used for multiyear accounting and for multiple branches. As per the requirements of clients the solution can be used in premises, on the net or SAAS model.

Indian Billing Managment and invoice system
Billing System for Small and large Business
2 Retail Billing systems:

Our retail and POS billing system is one of the most successful solutions for multi store and multi-location retail business. The solution is bundled with complete retail managements system and also come as single billing system. You can create invoice for retail clients, tax invoice for associates and partners, rental invoice and other kinds of invoices in the system.

3 Buying House and Commission Invoice Our buying house and commission invoice system is complete solution for buying house business automation, you can create unlimited numbers of suppliers, buyers and also create purchase order and process the purchase order in the system to make your buyer up to date on all the products.

The buying house system is perfect solution for the business with export business and work as buying agents, the single system can generate several types of PO, Invoice, Performa invoice and final invoices.

You can also able to track your payments status, total commission and other detail. The product management system is full with all features and you can upload multiple images and other information for the reference of the suppliers and buyers to know about the products.

The analytic tool of the solution helps you to know how much sales you have made for which products and which vendor is more preferred by the buyers and so many other information.

The integrated CRM in the system help you to make more decision and information about the clients and suppliers. To know more about the buyers management system please click here

We at Techzone provide you best suite of business application for billing, invoice, collection and payment management of customers.

The most annoying point for any customer is wrong billing and products like telecom and retail face the issue very frequently so the brands trust and reputation are damaged in several ways.

Our billing and metering system is custom solution for industry and it will produce the perfect billing system for your business.

Why Techzone Billing Solutions:

Techzone billing solution for large business is custom solution over our proprietary platform based on and Oracle database.

It will ready to manage hundreds of thousands of invoice and customer on regular basis and cost per bill is one of the lowest in industry.

This way you can beat your competition and be leader for your consumer. Our large business billing system is suitable for retail business house, telecom, credit card companies, financial companies, consumer goods companies, utility companies and other business with large customer base.

Key function feature of the billing system


Collection Module :

Our all billing module in pre integrated with collection and payments, this way you can update and your account department can confirm the payment receipt for the selected invoice and automated email to client reach about the receipt of the payments.

Online Payment collection :

Our billing system also provide online payment collection module integration for the billing system of exports, wholesale and retail. This way you can send the payment mode and request to pay the invoice along with invoice to clients and they can pay the invoice. online payment by using payment gateway integration to your system help easy collections.  This will lead to high speed collection and swift reminder for the overdue amounts to clients.

Multiple Print Options : we offer several printing option for the invoice to our clients, you can use the plain paper, pre-printed stationary, online invoice, PDF invoice for the bill and send to email PDF options.

Printing and delivery: several print and delivery mode, we can support direct delivery to consumer in-box, my accounts, print based delivery, local print and delivery and nationalize print and delivery. This way you can select your perfect way of communication and cheap route to deliver the bill to customer.

Statement of Account and bill history: this module come with client login and access of the invoice and payment status. This will save huge time to your business as automated reconcile account statements can be printed and re-printed by clients on click of mouse.

This way you can save huge time of your account departments and also able to store the history of transaction for lifetime. For compliance purpose or any other purpose we can offer you up to 20 years of invoice archival services on our server.

Small Business Billing collection and payment system

Similar to large business, small business is also facing the same stiff competition and required easy managed billing, payments, collection and inventory system.

Our billing and inventory system for small business is best suite of application for small business with multi branch communication, unified billing, unified collection.

The entire system support both services and products billing and inventory , this way it will help the companies and organization to manage single billing system for there all requirements.

The Billing system of techzone help you to make your business smooth. it will reduce the time to manage your compliance and other task. It will also use for compliance and regulatory requirements and processing of tax collection, tax deduction and tax liability managements.

The Billing system also help you to send invoice by email for the easy access and delivery of invoice. The e delivery make your business green in some way and save the nature.

Tehczone Billing system keep updated with all the latest in industry with Compliance and regulation and tax Structure with zero cost for the company.

How to start

You can send email to with your company detail and requirements and one of our billing and invoice expert will get in touch with you. This way you can bring more happy customer and save time and efforts on billing system.

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