Compare real estate portal features-what new in your Real Estate Portal


While making a decision to start new real estate portal or want to upgrade your existing property portal with latest technology and function that bring more traffic and lead. You need to know what is best suitable for you and you want compare between some of the leading portal in your country or market to start with.

What to compare

When you want to compare a real estate portal, the big question is what you want to compare and did the compare give you any real benefits. How did you get the information related to business process and administrative area of the real estate portal to find the difference and gap between your portal and portal in market?

Compare budget and time line – while starting the comparing between the features and function for the real estate portal solution available in market, there is different type of thinking playing in mind. what we find most amazing in the analysis of more than 560 of our Real estate Portal solution leads from more than 100 countries that there is much urgency to launch a product even without assessing the gap in market, Analysis of feature and function and more than that the competitions. Some time consumer seek quote from us just to make a comparison that we are very cost solution providers compare to there vendor or current partner.

While saving money and making smart investment is key for any business success, a real estate portal is technology stake and if your not interested to invest in technology platform than how did you think of your success. A rat race of real estate portal is trending however success ratio of the real estate  portal is very low due to lack of technical understanding and long terms investment in the process that is not easy to understand without a high quality team behind your brain of business.

Sometime a great looking feature from one property portal not reap any benefits due to limited acceptability of the function and a very complex function with no real value or good value for consumers. While everyone making the efforts to make a portal feature rich and want to include all the stuff that the competitors carry, do remember that sometime garbage carried by one not need to carry by us also. It means you must use the data and analysis services to understand if the feature is really suitable or buzz generating capability comparing the investments.

Making smart decision

phonesAlways go with a smart tool and expert on the industry to know what is the trend and how you will get benefited from the trend. Merely changing the feature or doing some update on the portal may not give you much result. It is batter that go with a function and feature that most useful for consumer and not for competitors.

Leadership from innovation

Real estate industry, or real estate portal industry not sees so much of innovation and the same listing and lead to agents is working for years. If you want to make a mark in industry and want to do some special stuff do the same with smart tool and solution that bring innovation to your portal. Invest in the technology that help you to reduce the cost of marketing and branding for additional lead generation, keep invested with innovation with your development partner for the benefits of your portal business by adding new and latest features that is really useful for consumers.

Design the Portal for consumer not for Search engine

designsThe common trend is real estate industry to make happy the search engine so that the list start get show to search engine and get maximum organic search to portal. We at Techzone recommend not to do the design and development of portal to make search engine happy, conceive your products to give birth a solution or services that loved by consumer most. Search engine will love once the general consumer start loving your products. To do so you many need to work with the technology innovation company who understand the market and gives latest innovation to your portal without much of the tough technology task in hand.

So let start some special features and function for your portal, you can talk to Techzone india real estate portal solution division for the consultancy and technology development that bring innovation in your portal.


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