Covid-19 and Important of digital Branding


Covid-19 is centuries worst pandemic and globally almost 90% of human are locked down. There is lot of stress that start from survival of life and end up with economic pressure small and mid size business having.

Certain countries in in EU and US gives some or other relief so that business can be continued and work from Home , Digital outreach and contact  less reach is some of the things everyone now start thinking.


Each problem come with some opportunity as well and Covid-19 is not exception at all. The current lockdown gives some opportunity that include the rethinking of business idea and bring more digital  touchpoint to your business. So that even in the worst case your business survival is not impacted too much.

At current stage we can not say what will be the next things you can think of, but we advice to think the digital face of your business so that you make your business immunity more strong enough and flexibility .

The best way to utilize this time to improve the business readiness and make your business more digital in nature. Similar to large business or essential services each business need to structure it with different approach so that everything must get access anywhere anytime.

Key changes each business need in this hard time of Covid-19 era.

1 Cloud – Make your business cloud ready

2 Digital customer – The access of customer  over digital network

3 Notify digital – customer notification using automated tooling

4 Digital Advertisement – Use the advance or basic digital advertisement ecosystem for your business

5 Website- in case your business is one of the 40% business who not yet having website. Let create it today ( website from Rs. 5000 onward available for smaller business )

6 Document and Email – Use cloud ready email and document management system, so that you have all the data access at single place anywhere anytime.

7 Digital compliance – subscribe and change your business model to get absolute compliance of your business touch less. Complete digital compliance of your business Like GST, Income Tax Return, Custom Duty, Labour and pay roll , Certificate and annual compliance.

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