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Any search engine optimization services is started with SEO audit and analysis of website. So get ready your website before going for the SEO audit and sign with search Engine Company. Get your Free website audit and analysis send your detail at seoaudit@techzoneindia.com

The importance of seo is not limited by the large ecommerce and big companies, today every business need a quality seo services to get some slice of market.

Building a winning local website is no simple task. We need content about our business, a blog, location pages, photos and galleries, contact pages and more! All this can quickly overwhelm budgets and plans.

We all know that a key component of any small business’ marketing strategy is to effectively position its brand in search engine results. But is it possible to dominate search results with content you control — or at least content you’ve influenced?

The answer is yes. There are simple and effective ways to boost visibility for your business in search results, while simultaneously improving related marketing efforts in social media, ratings and reviews, and media outreach.


Top 5 most important aspect for your website SEO will be as below, with same priority or alternative as per the type of business. This guide is meant for small business with less than 25 pages and business interest for local or global market. Some business and services required different types of setting and alignment of task and contents.

1 Follow the Google Guide: Some time when you sign with seo company they come to you to only win your contract and do lots of promise and do the seo task and activity that is not advisable by google web master.

In short terms it will improve some keyword performance over google but it will not result in the real business and stable traffic flow from organic search to your website. So make sure to avoid those over promised seo company. You can find the complete guide of how to select your seo company by clicking here.

The google guideline say that content must be unique to your website and it must not be copied from any other sources, the google guide also say that some important factor about the hosting of your website on very reliable server with higher speed so that you didn’t get panalize for slow opening of the website.

Optimize your google map listing with proper google map creation and data input along with all the types of services, payment terms and product of interest. Try to put more and more information about your business and enter all the relevant keywords, business category etc along with your google map and google local listing. This will improve your local search result and also help you to get direct call and lead when someone search for the service and product from your company.

Review and testimonials – this is one of the most ignored feature that small business and some time large business ignore.  Try to bring more and more customer testimonials, review and rating from your existing customer over google local listing, this will improve your overall search engine ranking and help to get higher number of traffic.


Summary of google guide for SEO are as below
1.1 Content Must be unique and your own- not copied from any other sources
1.2 Website must be On high grade server with higher speed to reduce the slow website penalty
1.3 Local Listing and Google Map Listing optimizations
The website is the central component of any business’ digital strategy; it’s how your current and potential customers can most easily find and connect with you. Given its key role, it’s astonishing that more than half of small businesses owners (52%) said their business does not have a website, according to the Yodle survey

2 Website structure and technology

When small business or any small budget website planned by the customer they always ignore the technology related stuff within the website, as they have limited budget and some time due to lack of knowledge it is overlooked. Today website technology is very important to get you higher ranking on search engine. There is huge competition and large number of website keep coming each and every day, if you want your website to be on the google search engine ranking than make sure you use all the latest coding and programming technology.

Some of the most popular free technology structure are as below

2.1 WordPress – if you are having very limited budget then go for website with WordPress engine and make your easy website with cheapest budget. WordPress is available free of cost and it can be configured with different types of layout and design using the template. When selecting template there is free template and paid premium template.

You can choose some free template and let configured by the web design company for you it will reduce your cost and time to get website ready. The WordPress website is designed for high performance over search engine and it will give you good start for your business.

2.2 HTML 5 technologies – if you are having some good web design company associated with you, ask them to use the HTML 5 along with css3 for creation of your website. By using html 5 your website will get higher ranking in search engine due to compatibility with mobile and responsiveness of design patterns.

2.3 W3c validation : after your website ready go to the free tool to make sure that there is no structured or syntax error with coding, check your website for the css and html validation and make minimum error or error free html coding for your website.

2.4 Rich and light design – make your website design very light and rich in content and make sure you have a balanced content, image and coding ration. This is one of the big factor for search engine performance and if you are making your website in align with the current trend it will come higher on search engine.

  • Make Contact Information Visible & Consistent: Incorporate your business’ contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) throughout your site, not just in your About Us or Contact Me section. Ensure that your contact information is consistent with what you have included on online business listing websites.


  • Design an Appealing, Easy-To-Use Interface: Invest in a contemporary website with a visually appealing color scheme and straightforward navigation. It will not only make your website more attractive and seamless to navigate, but will also reflect on the professionalism of your business. Be careful about using features such as Flash which may negatively impact your site’s search ranking potential and which don’t load on some smartphones.


  • Use Defining & Searchable Keywords on The Front & Backend: In drafting content for your website, be sure to incorporate keywords that consumers will most likely use when searching for your products and services.


  • Ensure that your web designer incorporates these keywords into anchor text in page URL links and adds keyword-specific titles, descriptions and tags to videos posted on your website.


  • Keep Current By Regularly Updating Content: In order to stay relevant to those visiting your site (including search engine crawlers) be sure to update your website content on a consistent basis. Develop an editorial calendar to update your site in conjunction with big promotions and sales, events, and other notable activities, or when you introduce new products or services.

3.0 Content is kind

Yes content is kind as we have mentioned on google guideline that google say that must use your own content and don’t make copy of content from any other sources.

You need good quality content to get higher performance for your website. So make sure that you got high quality content for website.

Some example of content are as below.

Local website for retail business of fashion – let say your website selling clothing and readymade garments for ladies and women in a local area. You want to promote your website in a manner that it will get more and more attraction to local users and get higher number of consumer from local market.

You need to create a good quality content about the local area, the culture of the local area and fashion trend etc. you need to mention and create a brand page where you can list all your brands your store selling and more on that brands. Put some history of your business when it is started, and like that.

Most important is to put your phone number and email id on each page so that consume going to any page must have direct number to get access you. These are the simple example of creating contents.

Blog is also a very good tool for the search engine and we recommend using the blog if you are serious about your business and branding over internet. Use blog with a professional guide for writing and putting blog.

A strategically written blog with keyword themed over your target market, products and brand will always give you higher value to your brand and gives you traffic over website.


4.0 Understand Social

Today importance of social media is known to everyone, we know what impact a good social media presence make to our business. Make sure you will get proper presentation over social media and actively use the social media for your seo purpose.

There are several new algorithmic coming from google and other search engine and they prefer the social media value to the business. So any business with no interest or no pages over social media will always get lower ranking compare to the website with good social presence. So be ready and prepare your website to be on social.

 Create a local directory of community resources including your favorite nearby restaurants, stores and cultural attractions, to provide an opportunity for you to link out to others (and for them to return the favor). Even consider starting a blog where you can talk about your business’ neighborhood and link to businesses and places of interest.

Develop a strong social media strategy that engages customers via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular networks on a regular basis. The more followers and engagement you receive, the higher your pages will appear in search. Note Billy’s Bakery’s Facebook page in the business’ search results above.

  •  Some ideas for engagement include updates on new products, promotions and giveaways, and highlighting stories of relevance to your customers. Be sure to respond to those reaching out via social media with questions or feedback on their orders.



5.0 Go Mobile

The importance of mobile friendly website is very high in 2014 and we can safely say that mobile will dominate the market of 2015. Google already start penalizing the website with no mobile friendly design and content structure.

So make your website is responsive and mobile friendly to get higher traffic.  Mobile friendly website again require very high standardization of coding structure.

s consumers increasingly turn to smartphones and tablets to search for local business information and to shop products and services, it’s essential that your website is properly optimized for those experiences.

A recent Google/Nielsen study found that 59% of consumers visit a business’ website when conducting a mobile search. However, the vast majority of small business owners — 9 out of 10 — said their websites aren’t optimized for mobile, according to the Yodle survey.

This represents a clear gap in small business’ ability to provide on-the-go consumers with a proper website experience, thus threatening their chances for securing business from those visitors.

This is the year to bring your business website into the mobile era. Here’s how to get started:

  • Conduct A Mobile Audit:

    Develop an audit of your current website to determine what types of mobile consumers are visiting your website, and what they’re generally looking for when they’re there.

An Open Source Ecommerce Solution Starting Less then USD 9 Monthly
An Open Source Ecommerce Solution Starting Less then USD 9 Monthly


Build A Mobile-Specific Website:

Taking into account the findings from your audit, create a mobile-specific website that represents a slimmed down version of your desktop website. This mobile site should showcase the key topics that mobile users are generally looking for when they visit your site, so it’s easier to find them.

For Example, if you run a restaurant, you may consider creating a site that highlights the menu, reservations and contact information – and removes other information available on the desktop site that is less important.

  • Ensure Mobile Users Know What They Can Do On The Website: Use call-to-action messaging to make clear what consumers can accomplish via the mobile website. For example, if consumers can schedule appointments or purchase products directly from the mobile site, make that as clear as possible through bold text, buttons and other eye-catching graphics.


Reporting and analysis

Once you have basics ready for your website that go for the reporting of your website and performance analysis using free and paid tools as per your budget. Some of the very very important still free tool you can use for the reporting and analysis of the website.

Monitor Website Analytic: Pay close attention to where your website visitors are coming from, how they’re finding you, and what they’re doing while on your website, so you can consistently update and improve their experiences through tweaks to your site’s navigation and content.

A Google analytic – make your google analytic account activated for the checking your traffic and analysis the performance of website. This is free tool and used by more than 90% of website in global market large and small.


You can not get successful while ignoring the Mobile consumer in real estate space. However too much must be avoided
You can not get successful while ignoring the Mobile consumer in real estate space. However too much must be avoided
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Website audit and analysis to check SEO ranking and compatibility of your website help to get more organic traffic and guideline on what need to improve to get higher in search ranking

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