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Each time we talk to some of the clients in global market and we face one single question, can you elaborate more about the mobile app development for real estate marketplace.

Most of those client who started a portal about 3-4 years earlier and on that time they just don’t want to be part of the mobile app. since they feel that investment in the mobile app can not get recovered at this moment. But after 2014 the trend of development is change with  smart phone shipment increase worldwide.

In most of the market smartphone outpace the computing device uses for internet and speed of internet help more users with large screen to first interaction from the mobile app. Once they interact or preview over mobile app then they return back to desktop or laptop for more research and depth analysis.

So the big question is now come with how much it will cost to develop a mobile app for android, IOS and Windows. Sometime they also come with a question that we have more client who using android so we can start with android only and then ios will follow. Some place they find that IOS is most used and android is 2nd players. So as per the market and geographic requirements this is find that we need to go with mobile development strategy.

the next big question we face about what development process we need to follow, the native or hybrid. Most of the time  decision to go native vs hybrid eating more time then developing a platform due to poor market information and multi vendor approaches.

So to make it more friendly when making decision about the platform, we hereby provides you good reason and detail idea to make your decision based on data.

1 Understanding the App market and device market

First of all you cannot leave the android or IOS separate anymore, since there is trend that most often both device is used very much and key decision makers may be use ios device while the on filed or people with some smaller budget using the android.

So if you want to be on the crowd let start with both and try to make your device more and  more compatible. techzone recommend to go with minimum 90% compatibility for the devices at the  time of launch even if it means you need to compromise on some latest features.

Because if you leave higher number of device incompatible than you are losing the traffic to your competition. Example here for the the portal is based in India where the cheapest android phone still sold in market with android 4.2 or may be 3.5 and they are not support the device below 4.4 kitkat.

If we exclude all those below the Kitkat 4.4 then we find that almost 45% of the device is not compatible with app while in the same market there competitor’s come with app that support 97% plus device.

It will always come as advantage with everyone in market who is having higher compatibility with the device. So keep this in mind while making decision.

Although these decisions are taken by the development team and sometime outsource development team, but if you understand the market and device industry than you can negotiate for the same so that your app will be compatible with most of the device.

Even if this will need some kind of compromise in the animation or graphics you can bet that, it will not hamper after all you work for the clients and make more client under your umbrella always bring you higher traffic and business prospects.

2 Set your budget and timeline

The Mobile app development and testing time is keep increasing due to higher number of device and technology in hand, so you need good time and always ready for the further enhancement of the app.

So besides waiting for one year to launch your app it is always batter that increase your team size and take delivery in faster mode and then further improvements in the line as upgrades. This ways you will be in market fast and it always help you to grow with installation other updates from the market uses of your app.

In 2011 when we are developing an app it take less than 100 Hours to test on all the device , because there is hardly 4-5 model available to test. Now we have more than 100+ models and operating system version so it takes more than 2000 Hours of testing for a single app area.

This means that the cost of development and management of app from 2010 to 2016 is increased by huge 8-9 times. The standard real estate app with single language will cost you anywhere between USD 65,000 to 95,000 for high quality development on IOS and Android Platform. If you go for lower level development where you are willing to keep maintenance cost higher then it will be in the range of USD 35,000 to 45,000 for both platforms.

Techzone offer the best deal with USD 10000 + development with basic and all required features. The Development time is also a big matter and we provide the fasted development for real estate mobile apps for both the Android and IOS. Our IOS and android team working with more than 50 mobile apps and hence having very wider range of expertise to help you get best possible solution on time.

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3 ready with your Web and back end technology beforehand

Ideally if you ask Mobile team to when start the project planning and deployments for test code, you will get answer that today’s world is mobile first so let start mobile development first and then web will follow. But understand this precisely what your plan is and target as a real estate portal or marketplace or real estate network.

If you are planning to enter the market as  app only platform, then you can start your app planning before hand , however that also required some work in back end and administrative part to manage your business and hence before the piloting the team of mobile app you need to keep ready with your business plan and integration toolkit of business so that your mobile app team can work with that.

In standard development we find that if any app need to be launched as mobile only platform then they need about 30% of work in the administrative part before the inclusion of the team for mobile app.  In the case where your solution is unified experience , means everything over the web need over mobile app, then you need to start your app development strategy only when your web beta test is pass out.

Before that if you are doing any kinds of planning and coding for the mobile app it will just waste of time and resources since all the changes of business logic and business process need to re-written on both platforms. So this is always batter that you first launch your web solutions and then test it after that you include your mobile app team.  It will improve your coding , security and process more friendly for the mobile team.

4 testing , testing , testing

Last point but not in priority of your planning, you need to keep testing team on toe for the very successful mobile app. Need careful investigation for all the crash data, failed login, uninstall information and also half download kinds of things in mind.

Each time you check your data about their report, be more carefully and keep ready your test to team to run the entire stake again to test if something went wrong or  why user make the decision to uninstall it.

Real estate App Solutions for Marketpalce and AAgency

Along with those important point you need to consider more about the screen and load time, API to access the data and also some other stuff like permission management as per the requirement of privacy policy of the country.

Mobile app development is always a fun to start with if you are hardworking it will be a great success story for you.

Note from writer – I am working with Techzone India as  a technology consultant for real estate technology solutions and delivery more than 20 Startup real estate portal in different countries. Currently our platform running successfully in more than 15 countries and  having  400,000 plus property listing on platform and 8+  local language support.

The solution is used by more than 100,000 plus real estate agency, professionals and consumers to make business decision and purchasing of properties and investment projects using our platform in different countries.


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