Real Estate Portal – Bot for business


botWorking with technology innovation or just making the use of existing innovation in industry is best practice that help business with multitude of benefits.

Let start with Bot , as most of you are aware about what bot is all about.  We are using the same for years in one way or another; however the popularity and additional innovation emerge in just 1-2 years.

Siri is one example of most popular bot.

How to use Bot for Real estate Portal

Real estate portal can get benefits from the BOT if implemented with some innovation. By using the bot you can give more engaging communication to your audience from the vast search of real estate.

By using BOT real estate portal can gives huge boost to accurate and more valuable search from widest listing. As real estate is a long terms investment and required to many decision making process and rules.

Since different buyer come with different requirements and this is very important that shortlisting of the properties come from wide ocean of your listing more and more accurately.  Either you can give some advance search and give filtered listing or then one can check more about the same with real estate agency and developer before making final decision.

Alternatively you can bring more value based data anywhere anytime for users by using BOT and it will help them in making quick and final decision on buying process.

So in short you will bring a very easy more communicable and engaging data with BOT and it will gives more reason to your users to keep visiting portal on regular basis.

The BOT can be used with multiple business logic and can be used with consumer engagements, agent and agency communication, new developments promotion and many more. The lot of new and untapped opportunity can be brought in market that gives you best in class and latest innovation for the portal.

Techzone Real estate technology platform is ready with new innovation and growth engine for portal in your market. You can talk to us or find the best in class innovation within your real estate portal and platform solutions.

Apart from the BOT, Techzone also working on Augmented Reality for real estate that benefit the new developments, marketing innovation for the consumer benefits and business enhancements.

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