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Real Estate portal market is heating up hence

Real Estate Portal Solution and market growing in all geographic area and making impact on the decision of property related transaction
Real Estate Portal Solution and market growing in all geographic area and making impact on the decision of property related transaction

some question arise each day about what is best practice to adhere to get success in real estate portal business.

Let Start with an example of Dubai Real estate portal. Dubai real estate portal market is overcrowded and more than 50 real estate portal are running somewhere with same types of listing and information.

As a technology adviser what is important and how one can work with the portal so that it will get higher number of traffic and traffic get converted to lead is a big question.

Here is some issue and resolution from technology point of view.

Content: almost all the guy you talk will say the same line that content is king and you need very unique content to get promoted your portal in any of the market. What is vital and important to understand the content in real estate?

Since real estate business is listing based and now a day UAE market having 99% listing coming from CRM software to property portal. Thus all the same content going to each and every portal and there is no difference of the content at all. So the duplicate content issue is very large, however you need to work with the process in a manner that content is look like fresh and it must help the Search engine to get crawled as fast as possible.

Even you go to get updated content from some mode or type, how you will leave your content fresh and free from duplicate.

1 Create additional content for each listing – yes the task is very huge but one can go this way to make content more promising to search engine and give them best of both world for the quality lead and higher traffic from search engine.  One simple example of the great content is to make the content rich in nature by adding the value to content from location specific content for each and every property along with basic listing content coming to you from CRM software.


In one study it showed more than 40% of users who search, click on the first link with a subsequent drop to 12% for the second link and 8.5% for the third highlighting the importance of maximizing your ranking to increase traffic.

Rankings in search engines run off extremely complex algorithms that change regularly to ensure the consistent quality of their results. This means that there isn’t an easy way to ‘cheat the system’, instead successful SEO campaigns require consistent and carefully thought out strategies implemented across the whole website to ensure that the optimized website ranks correctly.

The general rule of thumb is to create a website that will provide insightful information to users and a good user experience.


At their core, a search engine tries to provide the most relevant order of results. To do this they try to determine which sites are considered an “authority” on the keyword entered.


Keeping content fresh and constantly changing encourages search engine crawlers to come back to the site often.


Portals have the benefit of user drive content through the supplied listings.

– Get more listings and promote fresh listings

Above and beyond user content, consider developing unique content like:

– Suburb reviews

– Blogs/articles such as tips / news stories.

Leverage a number of formats like images and video.

Localizing content is increasingly important in ensuring relevance and engagement of your user base.


2: Ensure the portal site is fully exposed to search engines

This is where the techs come in. Ensure that the site adheres to well documented guidelines for design, HTML structure and coding.

There is little point in having a great website if search engines cannot crawl and index them.

So do the basics, such as:

Avoid flash for core features.

Ensure HTML structure is valid and adheres to best practices

All images should have alt tags

Headings should be relevant

Every page should be accessible via a link (through a sitemap for example)

Ensure search engines in all your markets know your site exists by telling them

You can submit your site to google via (note: Submit to each Google country specific index individually eg. To submit to Australia go to ). MS bing has the same feature

Most importantly ensure that the site adheres to the guidelines: Google Guidelines


3: Keyword research and onsite representation

Real Estate is a competitive space globally. So it is important that portals not only research the best generic keywords, but also research mid and long tail keywords. It is important to track keyword trends to gain a sense of how the user community utilizes search engines to find what they are looking for.

For instance: how many monthly searches are performed for “Real Estate” vs “property” vs “homes”

Ensure that content on the portal adequately reflects the keywords you have chosen to target.


4: Understand duplicate data and prevent it on your site

Search engines consider that two pages that are over 80% the same are duplicates. Search engines don’t like duplicates as they must make a judgement call over which page to show in their search results.

Property portals will often have a number of different pages with the exact same content. Particularly in search results and listing details pages, where different URLs return the same data.

Portals often introduce clean or search engine friendly URLs (like “Real Estate {City” links off the homepage

It is important to either prevent or hide duplicate pages from search engines index.


Similar fashion there is lot of things you can do for the SEO of your Portal.


How to Get Success for the Portal.

This question come from so many of the operator, since some of them are not making any money even they are leading players in market, some of them is facing regular challenges from the other and new entrant.


What we believe that to make your portal successful you need to be in hybrid mode of the business. You need to works with SEO and improvement however you need more than SEO for success. And this can be like making brand awareness using the different media for your portal and get traffic from the sources other then the SEO.


About Author : Mukesh jha is technology consultant working with Techzone India and provide depth marketing, conceptualization, integration, optimization and consultancy to more than 50 real estate portal in global market. With more than 10 Years of market expertise and having working experience with more than 50 real estate portal gives huge cases and study that bring the best in class innovation in real estate portal business.
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