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When it comes to real estate purchase, the process is very long and it required so many decision making steps before a final decision.


Stalin looking for a home in a new suburb of Bangalore , However his wife is more interested in the old town of Bangalore. The father and brother is having different plan to get a single house of 300 M2 to accommodate entire family.

The evaluation process started with a simple search and then prints out the entire list in pdf. Once the print out is available they send email to all family members to understand the houses in question and then will meet on Sunday to discuss more.

Be the Part of Decision

Now this can go step by step for them to make decision about what type of house we need.  This is very crucial to decide.  The decision about what kind of house we need is not depend on the budget, more or less this decision lies on the future plan of how family want to live and also if the early living is as micro family or macro family.

A Joint family structure where cost is get contributed by all members is having very higher change that they will opt for the large house or land base and then built good house in old town or new suburb.

In the case they don’t want to live together and need to be separated and want to buy on their own. They will like to go for a builder’s apartment, a villa or a townhouse in the new or chick suburb.

How Portal get benefits

So if portal want to get benefits from the decision making they need to be part of the process.  For that they need to come with a module called favorite and share my favorite. When one family members shortlist the properties, it will then auto shared to everyone in the family who they want to share.

This will not just increase the changes and communication with portal. It gives you more traffic and value addition of the same within the process of finding house.  So the new concept and plan of this module is meant for lot of communication and enhance sharing of data before the decision makers and happy agent or seller who want to sell properties on your platform.

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The Portal solution offer by Techzone is balanced between the capabilities of in house developments and outsources costing with any compromise on the technology, performance or functions.

 Mobile Share To Extend the reach

Here come the share my favorite with mobile app. By adding this function on your mobile app, it gives you decision on move and more branding for your app store and installation base as well. in the consumer point of view it will give then a tool then help in reaching the census of what need to be done with buying a house.

Because sometime the decision about what need to be buy and what we are looking for change from the agency to agency.  this kinds of tools handle the role of agency in different manner. so in the case your portal work with agency it will help the agency as well and portal and consumer.

In the case you are not working with agency then it will help you to get influence mark for your portal instead of local agency who just mislead then at the time of buying as per there available inventory or higher profit margin deals in hand.

in any case a well thought out smaller but very impact full function can be created within a  single module or concept of favorite.

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