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When we see the numbers from WordPress, Joopla, Opencart, Drupal, number of downloads we always feel exited and feel that we must have a website on these technology with ready to use templates.  Now making a decision on the subject matter will required extra efforts and decision must be based in the several factors. Some of them are as below.

1 Set the priorities –

As a business owner you can set a priority for the branding and online presence, there is several reason that save you money and time while going for the ready to use template based website. As per your business type and structure you can also decide on the subject. Let start with an example, If you want your ecommerce website and need a template based, as you have very standard products and no need to go with further customization – template is best suitable for you as it will save the time and also money and issue that arise in the custom design of the website.

I am service providers and need a unique design – if you start with this line in your mind while thinking about the web design and online web presence, hold and go for custom design web solutions only, as these types of website cannot yield any result in template based design. You need to hire a perfect web design company to work with so that you will achieve your branding goal, marketing goal and other related benefits of website for your business.

I am real estate agents need website for property listing – if you are real estate agents and looking for property listing website to generate more and more lead then you can go with template based services, but the template based services from a professional real estate website design company, if you go with any open source or free solution you will never able to do the business on listing and result will be very time consuming and frustrating. So go for professional service providers who are having good quality work on the industry and then use template based listing services.

I am a product manufacture need web presence for market expansion on local and global market – this types of business must go with custom web design services so that they will get the products and services that help them to achieve the targets of the business. If such business goes with a general template based solution they will not get a professional value of the business. If they find that the open source is the only tool we need, in that case also you need to go with open source tools customization and the cost of customization of the open source tool based website is not less than the cost of complete custom developments. However there is slightly different types of benefits you will get while using the custom development or customization of the open source technology. Some of them are as below.

Open source is version controlled – as all open source development is version controlled so you need to keep your customization system updated as per the change in the version in market.. it will increase the ongoing cost of the support

Custom Design with Code – if you go with full custom design and you own the code, then doing any modification or module integration is fly, it can be done with less effect on your system and very minor changes in the process. It will reduce the overall maintenance and upgrade cost.

Security – You will get good quality security from open source platform, but perfect and secure security will be achieved from the custom development only, it lead to get your proprietary technology use in the system and then higher number of value addition for the purpose of security.

Integration if you are a large company and want to integrate your business process and other value added business benefits to your online presence you need to go with custom design only, it will improve the opportunity of integration with your business system, with open source you cannot go achieve such kinds of integration.

As a business owner you are always looking how to save money and make your business profitable. When it comes to creating an online presence for your business, just like your marketing materials and office’s appearance, your website needs to project a professional image. The more professional looking your business appears, the more creditable it looks.


2 Budget and Timeline

Website design and development services is a time consuming process, if you want a great website that generate business and results that you need to go with the process and choosing technology, be part of design and development process, make content and do the wonderful edit and modification unless you get the perfection from the same. Many business owners don’t really understand the difference between having a custom web design done and using website templates. In this article we’ll look at both ways of having your website built and the costs involved.

If you are limited by the budget and having very limited time and don’t want website to be for long terms then you can start with a template based design, go with that design for 1st year of your business , understand the point and issue you got and then move to custom design.

Any website with urgency to deliver will not get result for business, also consider the search engine point of view while making your move, as a search engine advisor we never advice clients to go with complete fresh design of the website unless they have use very poor quality of coding technique and not have a value over search engine for the website.

Custom Web Design is too expansive

This is not complete correct if you calculate the ongoing cost, cost of your own time in doing modification and research on the website and then the end result achieved with open source or template based design, you can find that by paying just 10-20% extra lead to 100% extra peace of mind and professional business branding instead of me too branding with template based design services.




Benefits of custom web design:

    Unique design.

With a custom web design it is created just for your business. Your website will be different from anyone else’s.

By hiring the right web designer, it will be constructed so it is search engine friendly.

How the background coding of your website is done will influence your success in the search engines.

The website will be more adaptable to your company’s needs.

If you have done your website planning, you will have a list of features you wish to have. By prioritizing this list of website features, you will give the web designer an idea of what to accommodate for in the future if your current budget doesn’t allow all the features to be implemented from the start.

Expansion Plan

Just like adaptability, if you have planned what you want in the future for your website, a good web designer will take this into consideration as they select the technologies to use while building the website.

3 managements and Marketing

You also need to consider the point that how you want to manage your website, did you are going to hire a resource with you for managing the website, you want freelancer to manage your website or you want a professional managements of your website. These are the point you need to consider while making a decision on the selection of custom or template based design. As some time template based design change is too risky and no one willing to do the maintenance works. So even in the case of very minor changes in your requirements you have to invest higher amount and time to get rid of the primary modification and correction in your website.

Are you planning to maintain the website yourself?

If you do not intend to learn how to code a website (or have someone on staff that can do this well) then you are going to have to request that a content management system be incorporated into the web design. There are limitations on some content management systems so be sure to review our Choosing a Content Management System article so you ask all the right questions about the proposed content management system the web designer is planning on using.

Are you permitted to use the graphics created for the website for other purposes?

The website design should incorporate your company’s branding. If you have already established your company branding, then that branding should be incorporated into the website.

For a business that hasn’t established a branding or is under going a revamping, then you are going to want to know if you can use the graphics on the website elsewhere, like your letterhead, brochures and signage to mention a few. This will increase the price of the custom web design, but then you will have everything match.

Another idea if considering a custom web design is, just have a template made incorporating the website theme. You can then, if you have the skills, recycle the template theme to create the web pages for your website.


5 template is good for your business – if you have very limited number of the requirements or can fulfill your requirements from any template or you just want to start experimenting the online and internet for the business that you can go with template based website also. There is one saying, that you can get failed so many time and become successful  or never fail never successful.

Template is inspiration components for many of us

You cannot have your web designer copy these, but they do give the web designer an idea of the look you would like.

Very low budgets where you need to get up and running as soon as possible.

If budget is holding you back from getting your business up on the Internet, then maybe a website template might be the way to go.

Shorter development time.

It would appear that using a website template would include a shorter development time required for your website. Now onto other considerations when choosing a website template.

Using website templates do have some downfalls:

There is going to be a ton of other people using the same template.

Unless you pay the “Exclusive” price for the template, the template website is going to keep selling that same template to anyone that comes along. Keep in mind, even if you pay the exclusive price, there are others who have bought the template prior to you and they still have the right to use it.

If it’s a really appealing template, there may be lots of other people who have already bought that very template.

You will be limited on the customization of the website template.

Without web page coding skills, you are still going to have to either spend the time and money to learn how to code a web page or hire someone to help you.

Some templates are laid out very specific. Meaning if you incorporate your own graphics or have extensive content, the template could break.

Some website templates are not built to be search engine friendly.

As explained above, it is important how the background coding of your website is done. If not done correctly, it could hurt your marketing efforts on the internet.

4 Decision making is your

When deciding if a custom web design is the way to go or if a website template is a better choice keep in mind that you want your business to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

In either case, you are still going to have to do some work to get up there in the search engine results. Having a website that looks nice is only part of the internet marketing package. You will have to research the phrases that your target audience would type in the search box to find you then incorporate those phrases into the content of each of your pages.

To maintain or build the website yourself you are going to have to invest some time (and money possibly) into learning all there is to building a web page.

Now, sit down and figure out exactly how much each method of building the website is actually going to cost. Include the time it is going to take you learn whatever you need to learn to use a website template and compare that to the cost of a custom web design where you will have time to market or build your product in the same time frame.

So by using above tips, you must be able to select a suitable website technology and platform for you that help to build your world class online presence and business objective.

In similar manner there is lot of reason and technique to choose your suitable mobile app development process from the hybrid, to native to PWA choice is yours and there is always a reason or two to select most suitable from them.

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a Good website is your own website when traffic return back, not the Sub domain of portal where you give them traffic that send to high paid competitors
a Good website is your own website when traffic return back, not the Sub domain of portal where you give them traffic that send to high paid competitors


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