What point in Point of Interest anyway in real estate Portal ?

baytic.com is algerian real estate portal with many function include first time in African Continents
baytic.com is algerian real estate portal with many function include first time in African Continents

Some time your question is your big answer then you answers.


Point of Interest with real estate Listing

While everyone is having the opportunity to directly see and find the Point of Interest over google map. “So what worth adding this as my Portal feature?” This is one question I keep facing when we talk about the area review section and property nearby information.

While some place or others more information is available for anything we want to share with users. But what we need to home buyers or renters who just exploring the new city.  Did they keep moving from one website to another or did we want to give them a full functional and balanced content that help them to make decision.

Because sometime moving from one website to another is not guarantee that the user will return back to your site. There is so many reasons behind it and one of the big one is your brand popularity within mind.

So sometime I want to go back to a website that I search very recently, however due to my short memory I didn’t able to recognize the name and landed up with any other website or portal that give me something similar in nature. Since there is lot of competition and slice of your traffic move to any other portal means you are losing something to your competitors.


What is catch now – The Point of Interest

Yes, when you create a property detail page or Mobile APP for real estate, you can add the nearby information. The nearby information is available in multiple formats from several sources. Our favorite is using google Place. If you are having very limited traffic then you will able to use the same API for free of cost. In case your portal is having very higher traffic you need to go with an enterprise license for the same to access the data.


What Information can I get with Point of Interest?

The point of interest is a data that is having more than Billion listing of popular place. It can be your neighborhood school, Prayer place, ATM center, bank branches, Your Cardio Hospital, Your Favorite and Popular restaurant. You can name what you want to find and the POI can be avail in your disposal.

While POI can be used with the multiple way by search and matching the location name. We always recommend to use the Property Geo coding for more and more accurate data. The Geocoding of the Property can be get directly added using the IOS or Android Phone APP or there is alternate way.

Benefits one gets from the Point of Interest

Certainly the real estate search is not only for sale and rent. Let understand it more precisely. If I am saying that the next house listed in my portal is by Mr. Amitabh Bachan and he is going to sale in. What is your reaction or what you want to do with the news? I am sure being a big fan of big B you will love to know more about the house.

No matter for sure that you don’t ever dream to buy that from Mr. big B. even then you will like to know more and more see all the image gallery , read the detail of property and then check more about the location , the neighborhood  and may be look out for Sonakshi SIhna ( as I will love to do that ).

It means that the property listing and property portal always sever multiple purposes other than buying and selling of the property. This seems as good as gold for the search of Point of interest as well. So if you are well manage and able to handle this module correctly it will certainly give you more value as brand, as  listing provider and as consumer Internet company to be get recognized.


About Techzone We at Techzone work with multiple real estate portals for enterprise clients, Startups and Established brands. Techzone real estate technology used by more than 7 Million live listing in 20 countries and we will going to become the world number one listing providers in next 3 years by adding several first time initiative of the real estate listing for mobile and web app all together.



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