Your competitor – Your strategic tool of marketing


alexa1While checking with competitors and spying on the business is not a good idea at all. But this is one of the most important aspect of any marketing. You need to be very fair while doing these and some simple tools gives you more than what you need to get your strategy right.

This is in respect of your mobile APP marketing and launch, Your digital marketing, Your SEO and your websites.  All need your decision tools to make a good or excellent mark. By default you cannot able to have all the data available from the competitors to your disposal for sure.

But you can start with some tool that helps you to gauge the intensity of what is going on with your top 5 competitors. You will get most valuable keywords or more important aspect of what they are doing.

Make a competitive analysis you need to use several of the free and paid tools that help you in the process. We hereby list some of them. Kindly note these tool set are free as well paid and all data is available on paid version only.

Which tools suite you most?

Before talking more specific about the tools, we would like to emphasize on one aspect of your competitors analysis. However if you spent good budget in competitive analysis it will help you to reduce your strategic investment in marketing, but the worst of the things is sometime that the data accuracy is not assured by anyone. For example we do marketing activity and along with that we try to make those activities in a way so that data or most of the data is not get shared in general public domain. So sometime what see and what available can be a different story and you need to start with free tools first as a suggestions and then go for tools on paid version if you feel there is some kind of benefit you are receiving.

1 Google

Yes when we say google it look like we are talking about the search and SEO. But hold on , if you are in the market like media, large portal, a marketplace or something similar then google will help you lot with similar data.

Let start with your regular tools of google analytics, we are sure that you are using that lot for your business and gain some sort of analysis and detail about your site. But by using some more depth sub tools within it and you will be able to see your performance vs market. Off course these are not accurate for sure, but this is your first starting point with google.

The Next tools from google you can use is the Google keyword and display ad planner.  While this is again not your competitive analysis in direct way but it need to be your starting point for of the strategy.

Like as you want to make analysis of your nearest competitors, don’t you want to know the market and its trend so that you will follow those? Since market trend of what get search for the day, month, location etc from these tool help you to understand that your targeted business is on upward mood or look warm.

This will again give you more decision making strength to make a right decision if higher investment to gain more market or wait for the surge of market and them hit the ball.

2 Alaxa –

Amazone come with so many good things for the Internet and consumer internet business and one of them is alexa. Yes by using the alexa you are able to see where are you in the market and what gain and potential uplift by your competitors.

You will be able to get lot of stuff from the alexa that help you to understand your competitors. There is certain free version come with very limited data, while paid version come with so much for you. So you can add your competitors analysis tools first preference as alexa for sure.  So let start with Alexa ranking for your site and then your competitors.

What share of SEO and Paid traffic your competitors gain and what is your share. If your competitors having very few or limited bounce rate compare to yours and also if the time on site of your visitor is less than your market competitors.

Competitors keyword matrix and competitors analysis is some of the tools you can use to gain more insight about your competitors from the Alexa.

Alexa also help you in the Historical data analysis and many more for your business.

3 Similarweb


The similarweb is new in market, however they are in serious business of competitive analysis and it will bring you so many tools and there feature at one place.  So for us similar web is a competitors tool aggregator and then tool. This will give you good value for money and also smart insight of data that help you to gain maximum information about your competitors.

Similar web user base is keep growing, since market need such kinds of tools where they are able to get more information about the competitors to get right digital strategy. The correct digital strategy is meant you are getting higher number of visitors for your portal or website and hence the higher business value for you.

4 Simply Measured

This tool help you to measure the competitors activity over social media. The tools is more than 5 year old however, we still evaluating the value it gives. The similar other tools are available in the market. If your marketing strategy of digital platform need more analysis of social parameters this is is useful for you and you need to start with this tools.

5 SEMrush


SEMrush help you more about the analysis of your competitors search engine performance and pay per click strategy. There is certain limitation for the tools , however it worth talking about the tools. Since SEO traffic generation is one of the most kept secret by everyone ad you need to be smart enough to understand if the SEO team gives you due traffic and business or this is just strategy that brings more on board.

About SEO we don’t want to talk here , since this article is more about competitive analysis tools, but if you want to see how SEO and SEO team work or what is suitable way to Choose the SEO partners. You can find those on techtrend articles.

SEMrush brings you more onboard about the what keywords perform batter and how you can go with others. The similar tool in the like of SEMruhs can be like ahref, SEranking etc.

When to start the competitive analysis!

As old saying early you start, easy to win. So don’t wait, this is best time for your to start your competitors and be ready with all things in your hand to make a great strategy that work batter with your business. Since information is all that help you to know what is suitable or what need to be ignored. Keeping tab of your competitor’s activity will help you to make next move more align to the market.

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